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Oracle Developer Tool

  1. JDeveloper
  2. Data Modeler
  3. SQL Developer
  4. JDeveloper Extension
  5. Content Management
  6. BPM
  7. SOA
  8. Web Portal
  9. Web logic
  10. Business Intelligent
  11. Data Ming
  12. Oracle Warehouse

 Oracle Services 


  • Install Database.
  • Create new Databases.

Data Modeler

  • Install Data Modeler Tool.
  • Create Data Models and the process (Data Flow Diagram).

SQL Developer

  • Install SQL Developer Tool.
  • Create new connections, Users.
  • Take the Data Model tables from Data Modeler and put them in a User.
  • Take a schema and import the tables in Data Modeler.
  • Import data from an excel file.


  • Install domains SOA, PORTAL, CONTENT.
  • Create new domains.
  • Server Management from Administration Console and Enterprise Manager of each domain.

Business Intelligence

  • Install Business Intelligence Services.
  • Create Dashboards, Dashboard Messages, filters, actions.
  • Create Analyses which contain tables, charts, indicators.
  • Make Scorecards and inside scorecards define targets to show the performance.
  • Preview in the shape of a tree chart and a wheel chart the performance.
  • Extract Watch Lists and strategy maps using the defined targets.

Business Administration Tools

  • Take tables from schemas and import them to Business Administration Tool.
  • Create new databases and connections for physical section.
  • Create new tables and alias tables.
  • Create Business Model using the data from physical section.
  • Create our own logical columns using expressions.
  • Column Mapping.
  • Create Hierarchies.
  • Take the data from Business Model and create the Presentation Section.
  • Upload the completed repository file to the core application of Business Intelligence.

Business Publisher

  • Create connections that listen to our database.
  • After connection success, take tables and create our own database models.
  • Using Database Models we can make reports.

Installation & Configuration WebLogic Tools


WebLogic Administration Console

  • Use console

Weblogic Server

  • Configuration
  • Working with deployed applications
  • Upgrading libraries that integrating with server and applications
  • Deploying applications from JDeveloper to Weblogic Standalone server

Enterprise Manager

  • Use E.M

WebCenter Content

  • IBR Server
    • Configure
    • IPM Server
    • IRM Server
      • UCM Server Configure Content Server Components
      • URM Server
      • SSXA Server

WebCenter Portal

  • Collaboration server
  • Portlet Server
  • Spaces Server  -webcenter spaces Composer(make spaces)
  • Utilities Server
  • Announcements.
  • Forums.
  • Blog.
  • Profiles Communication.
  • RSS.

JDeveloper extensions and Tools

  • Connection with Oracle SQL Database
  • Business Services
  • Layout Design
  • Templates
  • Skins
    1. Using Skin Editor to create css with applications
    2. Popup alignment on runtime
    3. Using ADF Security with applications for authentication purposes and views (Admin, Employee, Database Administrator view etc.) with expression builder.
    4. Create and modify ADF Users on runtime
  • Popups
  • ADF Security
  • Extensions
  • Webcenter Portal integration with jDeveloper.

JDeveloper – Object Views

  • SQL Queries with Binding Variables
  • Relational Object Views
  • Working with Select One Choice relational Objects (Choosing a country and show its Cities and States etc.)
  • Creating executables and passing binding variables with java classes
  • ADF Calendar
  • Working with methodActions for faster data manipulation (Save and Update methods)


  • Creating new database
  • Configuration
  • Creating Users and Privileges

Oracle  Enterprise Manager

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Upgrading

Oracle  ADF Mobile Applications

  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle ADF Mobile Extensions and Android SDK
  • Deploying Android Applications to Virtual Android Emulator
  • Working with Web Services (Passing parameters between application and a Web Service to manipulate data from database)


  • Business Process Management Composer (BPM composer).
  • Design the process using BPM composer.
  • Composer.
  • Design the rules that are going to be used in BPM composer later.
  • Oracle Document Editor.
  • B2B.
  • HL7 Protocol
  • Sending, receiving HL7 files from an endpoint to another.
  • Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare Integration.

Data Mining

  • Take unstructured data and extract information.

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