About us

E-healthcy is a leading IT company specialized in developing innovative products and solutions based in health. Headquartered in Nicosia, the company is activated in Cyprus, Greece, Arabic countries and the wider region of Eastern Europe. Upon foundation the company has functioned as a company offering provision of services of information technology in health.  The company directed itself mainly in the areas of study, the planning and the growth of integrated information technology systems. It is equipped with modern calculating systems and has created up to date networks of support and growth. Having a long-lasting presence in the market, the company comes to offer complete solutions, software, know-how and integrated information technology systems.The vision of the company is a powerful economy, through the expansion of integrated information technology systems and the conveyance of the company’s know-how in the Public Sector. The transfer of this know-how constitutes the main company objective. We seek to convert institutions into powerful, up to date institutions, which will be in a position of offering daily services to the Citizen. Human resources hold a more than 10 year experience in the Public Sector, in the study and growth of systems and constitute the company’s most important capital. High level of education, continuous production and know-how management, accumulated experience and punctuality are the basic characteristics of the company’s employees.

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